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Honda S2000 Mishimoto Performance Fan Kit


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The Mishimoto Honda S2000 aluminium fan shroud kit will considerably improve engine cooling functions and the overall performance of your vehicle. All Mishimoto fan shrouds are significantly lighter than standard fan shrouds, and are a direct OEM fit. A Mishimoto fan shroud will effectively drive out heat from the engine bay while delivering a significant amount of cool air directly to your radiator. At the same time the fan shroud serves another very important purpose: securing the fan blades in place, which otherwise could potentially damage other essential components in your engine. All Mishimoto aluminium fan shrouds include an adhesive protective strip. This adhesive-backed foam strip seals any remaining gap between the fan shroud and radiator so that the fans are only moving air that has passed through the radiator core as opposed to pulling in air from the engine bay, resulting in improved cooling efficiency.


Direct bolt on

Aluminium schroud

12" slim electric fans (3.5" width with schroud)

Mishimoto lifetime warranty

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Honda S2000 AP - 99-09 2.0 VTEC - 240
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Honda S2000 Mishimoto Performance Fan Kit

Honda S2000 Mishimoto Performance Fan Kit

Mishimoto performance fan kit for Honda S2000

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