Hello, are the springs compatible with my GOLF 7 2L TDI 150hp sport chassis?

Hello, yes, these springs are compatible with all Golf 7 equipped with the rear suspension IRS (TDI 150 Sport included)

Do you ship to Romania and how is the calculation for the price. Regard Gabriel

Hello, shipping costsare calculated by our system when the items are added to the cart, when checking out you can see the final price before making your order. 

Hi , is this kit suitable for corsa E - OPC 2018 ? Thanks Sergio

Hello, no, this kit only fits Corsa D OPC, please select Corsa E in compatibility top menu for checking matching products

Hello. How much power can this product support? Thank you

Hello, this product is originally intended for intensive driving conditions, it can easily withstand power up to 400hp

Hello, can we install the Milltek Downpipe with another catback? Thanks in advance

Hello, yes this downpipe is compatible with all types of sport exhaust or serie.

Hello, is this product compatible with a leon cupra 300 model 2017? Thank you for your reply

Hello, yes this intake is compatible with Leon Cupra 5F, all versions.

What modifications do i need to make to install on a Golf 5 GTI 200hp?

Hello, you will have to replace the turbo's outlet and inlet, relocate the dump valve forward (on the inlet) and add the necessary elements to stage 3 (repro, injectors etc ...)

Hello, is it easy to install?

Hello, for you to have an idea, the installation instructions are visible on our page clicking "Intrusctions" above the price. 

Can it be installed on FR ?

Hello, the installation is possible with a reductor between the downpipe and the central tube. Thank you very much.

Can it be installed on DSG equipped cars ?

Yes it's compatible DSG and Manual transmission

Fits Cupra 1.4 tsi dsg ?

This items is not confirmed as compatible with others cars than the ones listed 

Hello, can i have this intake with stage 3 set up without having to replace it ?

Yeah we have several customers with 360+ hp using this intake.

Can i install it on leon 300 2WD ?

Yes, can fits any 2WD Leon Mk3

Hello, have you had any feedback about the sound, specially on motorway? Has it got good sound always or just when accelrating? What can you tell me about the manufacturer's warranty? Thank's.

This midpipe allow's an agressive tone under acceleration but keep's the car really confortable at low or mid rpm ... it is also totally reversible if required to come back to OEM

Hello, can the car pass MOT with this downpipe ?

Yes, the emitios test will be ok ... but this downpipe is not delivered with EC approval.

Does the CTS Turbo downpipe fits directly  on a 3" sport catback

No, CTS Turbo downpipes are made with built in reducer's to OEM exhausts, you must use a specific conector for the intallation on a 3" catback.

Is this exhaust supplied with EC or TUV approval ?

Products coming with EC approval features a blue logo "EC approved" above the price on the product's page.

Does the valve come with springs for the original boost pressure ?

Yes, valves are assembled with springs rated for OEM boost pressures.

Can it fit the Mk6 GTI ?

No, those only fit the earlier 2.0 TFSI EA113 engines (see compatibility list)

Hello, does this item fit a Seat leon 3 1.8TSI (2015 code CJSA ) ?

Hello, yes, it does fit the 1.8 TSI

Hello, is this product approved for road use?
Products with a specific approval certificate are marked "approved" in blue just above the price. This approval is only valid in EUrope (EEC). 
However a product delivered without homologation can perfectly pass the standards of the various European inspections.

Can the admission VW R600 be homologated?

No, this admission does not have the homologation documentation, but it will pass any kind of homologation tests. 

Are modifications or cuts needed to mount the front strut bar on the audi s3 8p?  

Installing any kind of strut braces on these cars it is required to cut the walls around the strut towers to allow the brace to route throught the windshield bay. Cutting takes about 10mn with a cutting plier or saw.

Do u send to israel ?

Sorry, due to local importation restrictions, Israel is the only country we do not ship to

Can I fit this product with a 76mm Milltek catback for a Golf 7 R?

This downpipe is equipped with a conexion all the way to the series exhaust. It will be require a 76/76 mm conector available on our website.

Hello, I would like to know if the silencer of this catback is tubed inside? Thank you.

No, the silences has nothing inside.

Hello, does this product exist for my Audi TT 1.8 TFSI?

Yes, this product is compatible with 1.8 TFSI EA113

Hello, what do you mean with "drilling required for installation" What is needed to drill? Thank you.

Hello, it's necessary to drill two holes on the chasis at the bonet to screw the bar at the height of the suspension. 

Does the Cobra line cause any issues when passing the inspection in France?

Until this day, the inspection in France does not have any specific instructions in regards to the intalled equpment. 

Hello. Is it necessairy to install a Dump Valve in a non modified vehicle in order to allow a reduction of turbo reaction? Are there any risks about it?

This dump is pefectly installed in a non modified vehicle in order to have a better response time and more reliability.

Hello. I'm thinking about installing spark plugs on my Cupra 300. Will there be any problem if I used the R-7437-9 for a stage 1 or should I use the R7437-8? What if I install the -9, will there be any problem? Thank you and you make an amazing job! . . .

The -8 are meant to use on unmodified vehicles, the -9 are for engines prepared and may be installed without any problems from a stage 1 to a stage 2 or more.

Hello, is it feasible or possible to lower the price on this product? Thank you in advance. Regards

All of our prices are reviewed to make sure they are the most competitive in the market. That say, we cannot lower our prices further. 

Hello, The price of 599€ includes duties and taxes in France + the delivery ? Waiting for your answer, Regards

Hello. Our products are shipped from our storage units all over Europe. To France, no further fee will be charged for shipping.

Does this coilpack adapter fit NGK coils?

Yes, these adapters are compatible with all TSFI coils.

Good morning, what's the difference between the different tips, besides the colour? Thank you

Hello, good morning, the appereance is the only difference. You can see the different versions on the product's page. 

Good morning, if I buy the 11mm spacers, do I also have to buy the new screws? Thank you

Yes, from 5mm of thickness, swapping the screws is mandatory.

Good night, this secondary decat can be installed on an original exhaust on an Audi TTRS MK2?

Good evening, it is installed without modification on an original or any other sport exhaust.

Hi, why is shipping 4-5 weeks, when you have the turbo in stock ? Can I pay for a faster delivery ?

In this case, the deadline is refering to the upgrade of your own turbo, the ones we have in stock are brand new turbos upgraded

Is it possible to install on OEM catback ?

Yes it is possible since the front pipe has an adaptor for OEM exhaust