Audi S4 / S5 B8 3.0 TFSI Forge Radiator


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This radiator is highly recommended for either those in warm climates who wish to maintain performance, or specifically for tuned engines where the boost has been increased from standard on the Eaton Supercharger using software re-calibration, a reduction pulley or a combination of both. To maximise the cooling efficiency we use an alloy fast thermal transfer radiator core which is 640 x 440 x 42mm. This has proven very effective in both keeping chargecooler temperatures lower but also reducing the recovery times in "heat soaked" situations.


Direct replacement for OEM radiator

High quality 6061 aluminium

Size : 640 x 440 x 42mm

Black Silicone hoses included

Aluminium tank included

Fitting instructions included

Made in UK


 FMCCRAD1 - Véhicule avec radiateur simple

FMCCRAD2 = Véhicule avec doubles radiateurs 

FMCCRAD3 = Véhicule avec radiateur simple et Audi Dynamic Steering

FMMCCRAD4 = Véhicule avec doubles radiateurs et Audi Dynamic Steering


Illustrations :

Audi S4 B8 / 8.5 - 07-15 3.0 TFSI - 333
Audi S5 B8 / 8.5 - 07-15 3.0 TFSI - 333
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Audi S4 / S5 B8 3.0 TFSI Forge Radiator

Audi S4 / S5 B8 3.0 TFSI Forge Radiator

Forge Motorsport alloy radiator for Audi S4 / S5 B8 3.0 TFSI

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