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  • 034 Motorsport

    034 Motorsport was funded in the San Francisco area, close to Silicon Valley, in 2005 with the goal of designing and manufacturing high-end performance parts for sport vehicles of the VAG group. With a range of exclusive products, 034 Motorsport is one of the growing names in the international performance scene.

  • Airtec

    British manufacturer founded in 2002, Airtec is the most popular performance parts manufacturer in the UK. With a catalogue of more than 1000 products, Airtec is best known for it's intercoolers and cooling systems used on both road and competition.

    Offering products of excellent quality, with multiple variations and an attractive price, Airtec often provies the best quality / price ratio on the market !

  • Akrapovic

    World leader in the sports exhaust market, the Slovenian brand Akrapovic has been dominating a highly competitive segment for nearly 30 years thanks to the quality of the materials used in the construction of its products. With an impeccable finish quality and a range of premium products, Akrapovic is aimed at a clientele that wants the best without compromise ...

  • Alpha Competition

    Outsider of the auto performance part market founded in 2017, Alpha Competition proposes a wide range of products and accessories for european and asian vehicles. Combining american design and taiwanese manufacturing, Alpha Competition is able to offer products that represent the best value for money in the market !

  • AMS Performance

    The goal of AMS Performance is to provide the highest quality, best-performing automotive products and components available. Through research and development and rigorous testing programs, AMS will never compromise the quality or performance of our products.

  • APR

    Founded in 1997, APR is the global leader in performance aftermarket products for VAG, and other vehicles. APR develops and manufactures hardware, software, calibration & data-logging tools for engine and transmission controllers, including intakes, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbocharger systems, suspension, brake systems, wheels, and more.

  • Armytrix

    Combining the knowledge of German and Japanese engineers with Taiwanese productivity, Armytrix is synonymous of revolutionary design and impeccable manufacturing quality. With the objectives of maximum power gaing, powerful sound and versatile use, Armytrix manufactres exhaust systems with a valvetronic system for allowing an incomparable sound level control.

  • AutoPolar

    Spanish start up specializaed in the acquisition of electronic data applied to the automotive sector, Autopolar offers devices for reading and displaying information used by the vehicles original electronic control unit (ECU). Carried over to the display of the original meter, this device allows a large number of values and mechanical data in real time.

  • Autotech

    Founded in 1983, Autotech is a pillar of the aftermarket automotive industry in the United States. As a pioneer in performance parts for VAG group vehicles, Autotech has a relatively narrow but highly specialised catalogue.

  • Cobra Sport

    Cobra Sport is a family business created in the United Kingdom more than 40 years ago by an automobile racing enthusiast. With this legacy,  Cobra Sport is now developing stainless steel exhaust systems that combine digital design qualities and artisanal manufacturing. This combination allows the brand to offer products with unique sound, proven efficiency and proven reliability.

  • CTS Turbo

    Canadian manufacturer, CTS Turbo is one of the few companies in the aftermarket automotive performance market to have complete control over its product line, from design to manufacturing and from promotion to distribution. Specilalist in German bases, CTS Turbo has a very large catalogue with a unique objective, to offer products that are as useful as efficient.

  • D2 Racing

    As one of the largest manufacturers in the OEM and aftermarket automotive performance industry, the Taiwanese manufacturer D2 Racing, established in 1996, offers more than 10 000 references of suspension kits and big brake kits. Reliable value in its segment, D2 Racing is often the best value for money available on the market.

  • DeatschWerks

    American manufacturer specialized in the conception and the distribution of high performance fueling systems for street / race use, DeatschWerks becomes in less than 2 decades a key player in the international automotive industry !

  • Eventuri

    British company founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts, Eventuri specializes in the design of very high-end intake systems for sports vehicles. With exclusive use of carbon fiber or kevlar for their manufacture, Eventuri offers intake systems with flawless finish and unquestionable performance !

  • Exedy

    Leader in the market of sports or original clutches, Excedy, the company of Japanese origin, has been a reliable value for more than 20 years in the performance automotive industry. Their products are known fot their quality and efficiency, mainly in the Japanese market.

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  • Ferrea racing

    Ferrea is an american manufacturer of high quality valvetrain components in the performance and racing industry. World industry leader, Ferrea has a wide catalogue of valves, springs and accessories designed to fill the needs of the most exigent engine builders or racing teams !

  • Forge Motorsport

    Founded in 1996, the british manufacturer Forge Motorsport is to this day one of the most prolific manufacturers of the automotive performance market with a catalogue of more than 70 000 references and an unparalleled rate of new product development !

  • GFB

    Australian manufacturer of accessories with an impeccable finish and  a meticulous design, GFB (Go Fast Bits) has become in a short time a key figure in the international aftermarket automotive performance industry !

  • Hose Technik

    After many years of existance and research into the development of automotive performance, Forge Motorsport and have worked together to create a completely new company, developing and manufacturing a range of braided stainless steel brake hoses suitable for a wide range of vehicles 

  • Injen Technology

    Injen Technology is currently the world's largest manufacturer of high-performance intakes with a presence on all 5 continents and a larger catalogue than any other brand in this field. Also offering intercoolers, exhausts and accessories, the Californian brand is constanly innovating, offering exclusive, high-performance, aesthetic and affordable products, some of wich have European approval !

  • Integrated Engineering

    Founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by two brothers passionate about mechanics and more specifically automotive preparation, Integrated Engineering has quickly become a must-have specialist for all fans of VAG vehicles around the world. Made in USA ambassador, Integrated Engineering offers high-end products with undisputed manufacturing quality and efficiency !

  • Invidia

    American company specializing in high-performance stainless steel exhausts and accessories, Invidia uses the best materials that, combined with an internationally renowned know-how, allow the creating of products of unparalled efficiency.

  • ITG

    British spécialist, manufacturing intakes and air filters for various international brands, ITG has a strong motorsport background with successes in the 24hr Daytona Grand AM Championship, BTCC,  Manufacturers Championship and the Japanese Super GT Champion.

  • Japan Racing

    Ambassador of design at low cost, Japan Racing is a Chinese manufacturer of alloys and alloy accessories that has created in a short time a solid catalogue and a wide distribution network throughout Europe!

  • Magnaflow

    With more than 35 years of experience, Magnaflow is currently the largest sports exhaust manufacturer in the world ! The American brand offers a catalogue mainly aimed at the U.S. market, where it acts as undisputed leader, totally rooted in the local culture !

  • Maxton Design

    Maxton Design specializes in design and manufacturing car tuning elements. Maxton was founded in 2004 and since 2006 company is building it's own brand: MAXTONDESIGN - which operates in the field of marketing their own products. Our mission is to creating unique products, manufactured from high quality materials. We have ourown design department and all machines needed for manufacturing process. At present Maxton have termoforming machines, 5-axle CNC milling machine, 3D laser scanning tool. These factors allowed our company to develop and create our own brand in whole Europe. Partner shop program helped us to settle partner shops in EU countries.

  • Mishimoto

    Founded in 2003 in United States by motorsports enthusiasts, Mishimoto has become in about fifteen years the world leader in performance cooling systems ! With a large catalogue and a development capacity among the most important of the market, the American brand is one of the heavyweights of the aftermarket performance !

  • Neuspeed

    Family business founded more than 45 years ago in California, Neuseed is an American manufacturer specialist in the manufacture of accessories exclusively for German sport vehicles. A pioneer in the autmotive performance market, Neuspeed is the ambassador of reliability and efficiency made in USA !

  • NGK

    Undisputed world leader, the Japanese manufacturer of ignition systems NGK offers, after more than 80 years, products of exellent quality at very competitive prices. Offering ignition coils, spark plugs, sensors or all kind of other elements, NGK has a colossal catalogue that meets the needs of both daily users or competitive drivers using highly modified vehicles !

  • P3 Gauges

    P3 Gauges is an American company created in 2007, specializing in the desing and manufacture of unique multifunction gauges. Innovative start-up, P3 offers a range of digital displays perfectly integrated into the cabin with a level of finish and an assembly quality worth of Silicon Valley !

  • Prosport

    Propsport is a Taiwanese company with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of gauges for measuring multiple parameters, such as the oil or turbo pressure. Offering a wide and innovate range, Prosport is positioned mid-range despite their high-quality manufacturing !

  • Racingline

    Originally named Volkswagen Motorsport in 1997, Racingline Performance has extensive experience in the field of competition. It is because of a strong demand from individuals wishing to have access to the products equipped in their race cars that the group decided to divide their structure in the late 2000s into two entities, one still competing and the other offering, under the name of Racingline, performance products and accessories derived from their racing models !

  • RamAir

    Ramair, after decades, offers, through a team of professionals equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, products used by both automotive performance enthusiasts as by race drivers. Offering a range of foam air filters, intakes, hoses and maintenence kits, they design, manufacture, test and distribute their own products, allowing them to be very responsive to meet their customers needs.

  • Sachs Performance

    Sachs Performance is one of the most well-known brands in the world of original and automotive performance. As a key manufacturer of clutch systems, the German brand has a huge catalogue covering all types of requests and allowing the brand to distribute more than 10 million pieces worldwide every year !

  • Scorpion

    British manufacturer Scorpion Exhausts is one of the pioneers of the sport exhausts market for original vehicles with a backround of nearely 30 years ! Producing 100% of it's products in their Ripley factories in England, this family business offers a wide range of products, all handmade with the best type of stainless steel available in the market. Manufacturer of exhausts for internationel brands such as Revo, Prodrive or Mazdaspeed, Scorpion has clearely become a reference in the sport exhaust field !

    With a real ability to adapt, Scorpion Exhausts evolves over the years  in order to adapt to the market, offering products at the forefront of technology and fashion !

  • ST Suspensions

    American subsidiary of the German group KW Automotive, ST Suspensions is the economic alternative of the KW brand. Offering a wide range of susensions made from the exprtise of the German brand, ST Suspensions is an excellent choice in terms of quality / price ratio for a road / leisure use !

  • The Turbo Engineers

    The Turbo Engineers is a German company based in the Munich area and specializes in the modification of original turbos for a significant power gain. Offering a relatively wide range, TTE is currently the leading brand in the hybrid turbo market, mainly thanks to a very strong media exposure proving the effectiveness of their products. 

  • VAG Original

    We combine in the brand "VAG original" all products from the catalogues of spare parts and accessories belonging to the V.A.G. group. All products related to this "brand" are original products and OEM quality.

  • Vmaxx

    Based in the Netherlands, V-Maxx Autosport is an outsider in the suspension and braking perferomance market despte its international presence and extensive catalogue. Entry range, their products are an excellent value for money for a road / leisure use !

  • Wagner Tuning

    After almost 20 years, Wagner Tuning has been developing and producing high-performance components for a wide range of vehicles. Originally specialised in the manufacture of intercoolers, the German brand is gradually diversifying, now offering downpipes, silicon hoses or the intercooler tubes.

  • Whiteline

    The Australian manufacturer Whiteline offers a very wide range of accessories for the optimization of the suspension of vehicles for both road and competition use. With high-quality manufacturing, the brand's products are renowned all over the world and are a sure value for the most demanding drivers !

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