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  • 034 Motorsport

    034 Motorsport was founded in 2005 with a passion  for bringing motorsport-quality performance upgrades and tuning to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Even though the company has evolved and growned its passion for innovation, performance and quality remains.

    They understand the importance of a strong automotive community and give back to the customers.

    034 Motorsportis a sponsor of Audi Club North America's Golden Gate Chapter as well as many popular automotive forums including Audizine, Fourtitude, GolfMkVI, VWvortex and QuattroWorld. They also support NorCal Audi Club and frequently hosts events and get-togethers for its members.

  • Airtec

    AIRTEC is a british manufacturer and its establishment dates back to 2002 when it produced accessories for performence of Ford models.

    AIRTEC has evolved into one of the most popular performance parts manufacturer in the UK and has developed more than 1000 specific products for over 20 car brands.

    All of AIRTEC's intercoolers, radiators, induction kits and performance parts are designed and develpoed in the UK. Their parts are also tested in real world condictions, both on the road and racetrack.

  • Akrapovic

    Founded in 1991, Akrapovic is a slovenian pioneer company recognised as a highly innovative material company. It is associated with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound. 

    Besides creating parts for performance cars, it also produces motorcycle parts, both made by a passionate and highly skilled workforce that uses the latest tecnology to process the finest materials.

    Over 100 world champiosn have already relied on Akrapovic exhau

  • Alpha Competition

    Established in South California, ALPHA-COMPETITION stands for the philosophy of arming a vehicle with the most advanced technology products that will challenge what you know about performance driving.

    Alpha Competition is a young and dynamic company specialized in conception, construction and distribution of automotive performance and chassis parts for sport cars.

  • Armytrix

    Combining the knowledge and insights of German and Japanese engineers, ARMYTRIX is the beacon of revolutionary design and masterful manufacturing.

    By wanting to achieve the most power possible, superior sound and versatility, ARMYTRIX builds supreme valvetronic exhausts systems that are beyond compare.

    Their passion, expertise and quality are evident in the design and manufacture of aerospace titanium and T304 stainless steel systems. Systems are repeatedly tested and faults eliminated to make sure you get the absolute best, performing exhaust possible.

  • AutoPolar

    AutoPolar is focused mainly in making exclusive solutions for VAG. It is a company that is able to offer high competitive products in the market.

    Their Polar FIS has been developed with the collaboration of several experts and companies into tuning/ECU remapping. This tool, in many cases, eliminates the use of computers with diagnostic software.

    While other products in the market might require to install external gauges and displays, POLAR FIS uses the original display of your vehicle  and allows you to manage all the available menus easily with the buttons of your steering wheel.

  • Autotech

    AUTOTECH is an American company founded in 1983 that pushes all the original concepts to the limit. 

    With AUTOTECH you can count with overwhelming brakes, high performance and styling and bullet-proff drivetrains. You can count with high-tech parts.

    It provides professional guidance through the bewildering world of state-of-the-art automotive high-tech.

    They have been in the watercooled Volkswagen business since the beginning. They're out to have a better performance by selecting,designing and offering you THE BEST.

  • Cobra Sport

    Cobra Sport Exhausts is a family run business based in the UK and it specializes in the manufacturing stainless steel exhausts and performance exhausts which are sold worldwide.

    For more than fifty years it has proven its commitment to continuous improvement and investment in new exhaust technology. This commitment has resulted in Cobra Sport being awarded the "Made in Sheffield" mark which is a symbol of excellence in manufacturing and is recognised all around the globe.

    Cobra Sport promises to match the precision power with sensational looks and inspirational sound.

  • CTS Turbo

    CTS Turbo is a Canadian automotive parts manufacturer and wholesaler specialized in performance aftermarket parts for VAG cars.

    CTS Turbo's main goal is to develop and build high performance parts at the highest quality and reliability.

    From cold air intakes to catch can kits, from performance exhausts  to turbo kits, CTS' team of engineers and fabricators work hard in order to develop the performance part you need.

  • D2 Racing

    Since 1996, D2 Racing has specialized in the development and production of high performance suspension and brake components for both street and off- road use.

    D2 Racing offers hundreds of coilover applications, big brake kits, lowering springs, air suspensions, suspension tuning components and acessories.

    In their commitment to performance and motorsports, D2 Racing actively competes in sanctioned racing events at dome of the most competiive tracks in the world. In recent years recent years, D2 Racing's team has been able to secure many championship victories that include ACSA and TTC.

  • Eventuri

    Eventuri is a british company founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in aeronautics and tuning. 

    They decided to produce their own intakes after many years of being disappointed with the gains of the ones in the market.

    Their mission is to set a new benchmark in intake designed and technology, above all.

    Eventuri is proud to be raising the bar and creating intake systems which are setting a new standard and genuinely improving the performance of your car.

  • Exedy

    Exedy is a Japanese trade company leader on asian performance and OEM clutch market. Well known in the automotive import industry for more than 20 years, Exedy offers a wide range of products which are all a great relation quality / price.

  • Forge Motorsport

    Founded in 1996, Forge Motorsport has grown in to one of the UK's premier manufacturers of products and accessories for race, competition and road vehicles.

    Forge's ideals inclued simple concepts such as innovation, clever design and manufacturing to the highest quality.

    Using a state of the art in house CNC machine shop and a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers and fabricators, Forge supplies worldwide to its sister companies Forge USA in Orlando and Forge Asia in Taichung Taiwan.

    When you purchase a Forge Motorsport product you are buying something unique, something that no other manufacturer can offer and that proudly states 'Made in Great Britain'.

  • Hose Technik

    After many years of being in the forefront of Vehicle performance and development Forge Motorsport and have been working together to create a totally new company in order to develop and manufacture a range of Braided Stainless Steel hoses and brake lines suitable for a full range of applications within the Motoring Industry.

  • Injen Technology

    Injen Technology was born as a mission to perfect the art of polishing, after its founder had an idea for a multi-axis machine. What seem to be a vision, soon became a full-fledged quest to develop industry-changing design and manufacturing solutions.

    injen counts with a pioneer patent that allows enthusiasts to achieve better performance from their vehicles without annoying Check Engine Lights (CEL's).

    After nearly three decades, the injen Brand has become a household name among enthusiasts who demand high quality solutions for their vehicles.

    As the brand continues to grow, it holds to the vision of its founder with innovation that transforms the look and the performance of your vehicle.

  • Integrated Engineering

    Founded in 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by 2 brothers with a passion for racing, Integrated Engineering has set a new standard for performance products in areas like connecting rods, camshafts, valve train and billet accessories.

    Their passion for the Volkswagen and Audi performance is clear and they have made a mark in the industry community by offering a quality and performance orientated product at customers demand.

  • Japan Racing

    Japan Racing, while deep in the JDM spirit, offers a wide range of wheels designs and finishes. 

    Their wheels go from 15" to 22" and go from all street to race cars with an afoordable price.

  • KW

    KW Automotive was founded in 1995 and employed three people. Nowadays,it is represented worldwide and employes about 200 people in five locations.

    For many years now, KW automotive has been considered the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement.

    KW offers the largest suspension programme in the world. From springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions "inox line" in three damping versions, KW's variety has no equal on the market. 

  • Magnaflow

    Based in USA, Magnaflow started out from Car Sound Exhaust, a company that for the last 35+ years is a specialist in superior catalytic converter and performance exhaust technology.

    The company uses the best available components and the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of performance and longevity. 

    Product offerings range from direct-fit catalytic converters and full performance stainless exhausts to universal mufflers and builder's kits which can be used to fabricate an exhaust for any application. 

    Magnaflow follows the slogan "QUALITY. POWER. SOUND." when making superior quality products with the power and sound that the customers look for.

  • Mishimoto

    Mishimoto was founded in 2003 by automotive enthusiasts. Its main goal is to provide superior cooling system upgrades for daily drivers, track cars, pickup trucks and bikes.

    Mishimoto cares about quality and makes sure that its products will meet your needs as well as your high standards. That's why its products have been praised all around the globe.

    All Mishimoto aluminium performance radiators, intercoolers, air intakes, fan shrouds, direct-fit oil cooler kits, silicone hose kits and couplers and racing thermostats are carefully designed for a clean and direct-OEM fit.

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