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All Stars strives to pick and ship "In-Stock" orders same day for orders placed before 12:30 and next business day for orders placed after 12:30. Items out of stock or requiring special order display ETA provided as approx shipping delay.

All shipping times are based on business days and hours, transit delays can't be guaranted because depending on the organization of a tier company


Order Status Key


Awaiting payment
We're expecting your payment to be received. Your order status will be automatically updated as soon as money received by our bank. Without payment confirmation within 5 business days, your order will be canceled and items provided to any other customer.
Payment declined
Your payment has been declined for any specific reason, you can place your order and process payment once again via same or different method. This first order will be deleted very soon by our financial department.
Payment accepted
Your order has been correctly placed and payment approved. All Stars Motorsport logistic team will update your order status very soon to the appropriate one according availability of items ordered.
On Backorder
One or more items on your order are currently not available, requires a custom fabrication or a transit from supplier. Please check ETA provided on each item to get the approx shipping date. Please keep in mind severals factors may slightly affect this delay. Your order will be ready for shipment as soon as the ordered parts arrive at our warehouses
Preparation in progress
Your order is being picked by our logistic department, for quality check and packing before final shipping . Orders under preparation cannot be revised anymore.
Your order been packed and a shipping label been assigned to your parcel. Your tracking number been added to your account history and sent to you by email. Be aware that the tracking will not update until up to 24h because assigned before carrier physical picking done.
Your order been confirmed by carrier as delivered. Without any specific mention on carriers delivery note, our mission for you is now achieved.  
We proceed to the partial or total refund of your order. Refunds via paypal are immediates but bank transfert or card credit may requires up to 72h to appears on your bank statement
Your order been canceled and the reason for this cancellation can be multiple, ranging from the non payment (within 72h) to your own cancellation request before shipping.